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Searcy County — “Chocolate Roll Capital of the World!!”


For generations, people in Searcy County have been baking and enjoying a dessert that few folks outside these parts have ever heard of. Namely chocolate rolls! Searcy County’s glory days with strawberries have faded into the pages of history and the stories of its older citizens, but the chocolate roll remains. Can anyone doubt that Searcy County is the Home of the Chocolate Roll™ and also the Chocolate Roll Capital of the World™? The Greater Searcy County Chamber of Commerce has declared Searcy County the Chocolate Roll Capital of the World™! That declaration is just one part of the Chamber’s exciting Chocolate Roll Capital of the World™ Initiative.

Ambitious initiatives of this size benefit from enthusiastic support. The Chamber plans to roll out advertising in multiple media as well as install “Welcome to Searcy County” signs at the north and south ends of the county along Highway 65. Simultaneously with our future media roll out, we will be asking county commercial food preparers to bake and make available chocolate rolls for purchase, both traditional, old-time chocolate rolls like grandmother used to make, as well as innovative new ways to reinvent the chocolate roll. Some already are selling chocolate rolls. Thank you and please keep it up! If we are to make this claim to world-chocolate roll status, we must have multiple places for customers to purchase chocolate rolls on a continuing basis.

This initiative is an excellent way for Searcy County to work together for the betterment of all, by exploiting something we do very well and few others even do at all. Earlier this year, Brenda Smyth and the Marshall High School Art Club held its 1st Annual Chocolate Roll Festival Competition. Stay tuned for the date of next year’s event! Also coming soon, the Chamber hopes to sponsor a contest that will solicit chocolate roll history, stories and photographs to include in a chocolate roll book that we hope to publish. Get your family’s history and stories published in the world’s most definitive book on chocolate rolls!

The Chamber is initiating this grand effort to exploit this economically beneficial and culturally significant niche dessert for the greater good of Searcy County. We expect to eventually attract a sizable media interest in the chocolate rolls of Searcy County. Along with the attention from state and national media such as television, cable, newspapers, internet and magazines, we hope to stop more of the tourist traffic transiting the county and bring new visitors who want to check out our chocolate rolls. For more information about the “Chocolate Roll Capital of the World™ Initiative,” please contact the Chamber.

“Shades of Blue” at the Killebrew for the Veterans

An Air Force jazz ensemble will be performing in Leslie on Friday, 9 November at the Ozark Heritage Arts Center. Opening for the Air Force band will be the Marshall High School Band and Choir.
Sponsored by American Legion Post 131 of Leslie, the Veterans Day Salute will feature “Shades of Blue” whose repertoire ranges from traditional big band jazz, to bebop and swing, to modern jazz. The band is a component of the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America, which is the musical ambassador of the Air Mobility Command. Veterans will be recognized at the event which is two nights before Veterans Day. Make sure and bring your favorite veteran!! Show time is 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.