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Over time we are planning to re-print articles relating to the history of this area.   All of these articles are from the public domain, but credit will be given to the original author and publication.  Most of these articles and stories are over 75 years old, and are just full of original and great historical information about the area and the people that lived here.  We would like to make some of these stories available where more people could have access to the history and happenings of the area in a digital format.   Some of these stories are true, and no doubt,  some are folklore and speculation, but that’s what makes them so interesting.   This page will serve as the index page to written articles and posts.

All of this information and the original publications are available at the Searcy County Library.   We are in the process of working on pages on this site for the Library, and will have much more library information in time.   The library is a great resource for anyone looking for more information about the history of this area, or for genealogical information for your research on family members who lived here.

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