Upcoming Sweet Heart Dance and Pie Auction

On Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 7:00 PM,  at the Ozarks Heritage Arts Center in Leslie, the Operation Kindness, Searcy County Humane Society will be holding a Sweet Hearts Dance and Pie Auction.  All proceeds from the event will benefit the Humane Society Shelter Fund.     The dance will  feature the music of “Rendezvous”  with Joel and Randall Housley, and the Pie Auction will be held and sponsored by Ragland Auction Company, Michael and Roy Ragland.

There will also be Raffle’s and Door Prizes!!

Ladies, be sure and bring your Best Pies for the Auction to help support this good cause.  Admission is only $2.00 at the Door.   For more information, call 870-447-2166 or 262-949-0755.

For More information and a flyer of the event, click here.


Operation Kindness Spay/Neuter Clinic Success

The Operation Kindness 3 Day Spay and Neuter clinic held last week (March 14-16) at Leslie was a rousing success as a total of 81 cats and dogs were altered.

The great volunteers of Operation Kindness worked very hard during, before and after the event to make sure all the animals received tender loving care while they were at the clinic.  None of the volunteers get paid for this service.  They do this all for the animals, and as a service to the area communities.

The mobile clinic which comes here and does the services, goes all over Arkansas providing this much needed and low cost service.  The charge for cat spays and neuters is $25.00 per animal.  For dogs up to 75 pounds, the charge is $50.00, with the price increasing to $60.00 for dogs over 75 pounds.

State law requires that all dogs and cats must have a rabies vaccination each year.  If an animal comes to the clinic to be altered, and does not have the RV, the DVM administers the vaccination for a charge of $5.00.   Vaccinations are not available at the clinic for animals that aren’t altered at the clinic.

JoAnna McManus, DVM, has been working for Arkansans for Animals for 14 years in the mobile unit.  Their new 2 year old Mobile trailer is 40 feet long, and contains a hospital unit in the rear, and sleeping quarters in the front.  This custom unit cost approximately $150,000.  Dr. McManus, and her Vet Tech assistant are both licensed in the State of Arkansas and have excellent reputations.  The Vet Tech, Dian Ladner is also the driver of the truck that tows the MASH unit.  Arkansans for Animals website is www.arkansansforanimals.org for more information about their service

What do the operation kindness volunteers do besides make appointments?  A couple days before the clinic begins, they all meet at the American Legion building in Leslie where the event is held, to set up tables, dividers, organize paperwork, (which must stay with the pet at all times during it’s appointment).  They bring in supplies, blankets, wipes, newspapers, so each animal can be kept clean and dry.  Once the clinic is in full swing, Operation Kindness provides at least 2 meals per day for all volunteers, plus they feed Dr. McManus and her staff, normally 3-4 additional people.  Operation Kindness volunteers carry out and retrieve all the animals from the surgery unit.  It is a very satisfying, but unpaid job that they do, and each member is very happy knowing that for each animal that has been altered,   hundreds of dogs and cats may be prevented from dying of hunger, abandonment and abuse.

Operation Kindness will be holding another clinic in May and yet another in September 2011.  They are now making appointments for both clinics.  They are already booked up for female dogs at the May clinic, but other appointments are available.  For more information or to book an appointment at the clinic, call 870-221-1630.  You may also e-mail them here.

Operation kindness is a great member of the Searcy County Chamber of Commerce, and we should be proud to have such a good group of volunteers supporting this noble cause.  Operation Kindness is also sponsoring several events in the upcoming Spring Fling.   Help support their cause.