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The Greater Searcy County Chamber of Commerce exists to promote the interests of its members and to promote the economic health of Searcy County!  However, the Chamber is only as good as the support we get from our membership!  Fortunately, we are getting some great support!  We are a 100% all-volunteer organization with zero paid employees.  We volunteer our time to help Chamber businesses and non-profits and to generally help the economic future of all of Searcy County!

Your annual chamber dues are an investment in Searcy County and run $75.00 per year for most businesses, individual dues are $25.00 per year, and banks pay $250.   Website pages at the chamber website are $25.00.

Our Mission at the Greater Searcy County Chamber of Commerce is to promote all of Searcy County, helping all members succeed.

How do we return value to you for your investment?

  • We create and print 8,000 new Membership & Community Guides each year and distribute them around the county and state.
  • We have one of the most followed chamber of commerce Facebooks in all of Arkansas!   That helps bring exposure for our Chamber members!
  • We have an excellent website.  Check it out!
  • We advertise to help our members and Searcy County.
  • We answer the chamber of commerce phone almost 24/7 365 days a year!
  • We help Chamber businesses network and benchmark each other by being connected.
  • We promote job openings.
  • We promote a Buy Local effort.
  • We solicit new businesses, new residents, vacation home owners, and tourism for Searcy County.
  • We attend Trade Shows and distribute your business literature.
  • We host an annual awards banquet where we promote our youth by rewarding top Agriculture, Business, and Science/Technology students in Searcy County and also recognize the top Chamber business, employee and top volunteer of the year!
  • We’re well connected to the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas, the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce,, the Rotary Club of Marshall, the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, the Searcy County Economic Development Corporation, the Rural Community Alliance, the Ozark Byways, and the CTE Regional Partnership Council.
  • We promote Searcy County events and put out an annual calendar.
  • We provide ribbon cutting ceremonies for Chamber businesses.
  • We ultimately are shining a positive light on Searcy County and encouraging both locals and non-locals to invest their time and money here.

Please continue to support your Chamber through renewing your dues, volunteering your time occasionally to support our chamber-sponsored events, and in providing us feedback and good ideas.  Together, we are making a better business future for ourselves and our children in Searcy County!


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