Donkey Basketball in Leslie Entertains Large Crowd



A great crowd of about 400 was entertained by Donkey Basketball in Leslie on Monday night March 18.   There were tons of slips and spills.  4 teams battled it out for the Searcy County Champion Donkey Ballers, and the finals had to be decided by 3 overtime periods between the boys of Leslie and Big Flat, (and we’re not sure it was ever decided….as there may be a re-match next year)

The guys also competed in a “pick up a dollar from a donkey” that was especially entertaining.  This was a competition where a few dollar bills were placed on the floor at center court, and 4 donkey riders had to stay on their donkey, ride over to the dollar bills, and try to pick them up while staying on the donkey.   A couple actually accomplished this feat of extraordinary balance and skill as you will see in the video below.

All in all, it was a great dose of good clean fun for the crowd, and a good fundraiser for the Leslie Homecoming crew who sponsored the event.   Hopefully we’ll see more donkey riders in the future.

Click on the photo gallery below for lots of photos of the fun.

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