Bear Creek Elk, Searcy County Arkansas

Searcy County has it’s share of great wildlife, Elk are some very awe-inspiring creatures.

This was a herd of over 30 Elk, on Bear Creek, about 4 miles North of Marshall, just off  Highway 65.

These elk were located on the property owned by Bear Creek Log Cabins.

I had to go to Harrison on Thursday and noticed a large herd of Elk on the west side of Highway 65, down on Bear Creek.   This is a fairly common sight, especially this time of year.   I was in quite a hurry, and of course, didn’t have my camera (except for a phone camera) with me anyway, so I decided to try again this morning a bit better prepared.   As luck would have it, the elk were in the same exact place this morning.   They are certainly beautiful creatures, and I know there are some folks that are probably tired of fixing fence that they tear down.  But for me personally, it is sure nice having them around.   In a few days, I’m going to try to come in from another direction and get a bit closer to them.

It was sure interesting to watch the large bull elk with his “ladies”.   After they spotted me, he started moving around, and snorting to the cows, herding them up in a smaller circle so he could “protect” them.  He was definitely the “alpha male”.    There did look to be a couple other bulls in the group that had already dropped their antlers.

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