More Bear Creek Elk and Turkeys

Elk on Bear Creek in Searcy County, Arkansas


The elk down on Bear Creek have really been cooperating with me the last few days, so this morning I thought that after last nights rain it might be another good morning to catch them out in the open.  The elk were there, just a bit farther north today, up near the Bear Creek bridge.   I took a few shots from the truck, then tried to work my way a bit closer, among the cane and the tree line that follows the creek.   I wasn’t sure how close I could get, as they spotted me right away, but I eased along, snapping a few shots along the way.   Most of the elk crossed the creek on me however, (would have loved those shots) but I managed to get really close to 4 cows which didn’t make it across before I cut them off.

The 25 or so elk that crossed the creek had dug out a deep rut down the bank, which is their normal crossing spot.  They went right across the creek which was swollen from the rain to probably 5-6 feet deep and moving pretty fast.  Then they went up a really steep bluff.  It’s really amazing where they can go.   Hope you enjoy these elk photos, and I plan to get some more hopefully even better ones in the days ahead.  Would love to camp out somewhere along the hill and get them crossing the creek and coming up toward me.  Those would be some great shots.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the bull today, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  With wildlife sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

As I was coming back toward Marshall, I spotted about 30 turkeys and managed to get a couple shots of them before they flew over the highway.  Would have loved to get those pictures, but wasn’t fast enough today.  Hopefully I’ll get another chance on that later.

If you like wildlife, Searcy County is a great place to see it.

The elk in these pictures were located on the property owned by Bear Creek Log Cabins.



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