Killebrew Theater – Ozark Heritage Arts Center

“Second Saturday” Live Music at the Killebrew Theater

The first of many “Second Saturday” Live Music events was held at the Killebrew Theater inside the Ozark Heritage Arts Center on Saturday March 13, 2010.  There was great music by “In Cahoots” and lots of fun had by all.   This is going to be a monthly event on every Second Saturday of each month.  You can’t find better music anywhere… why pay $25 or $30 and go to Branson, when you can pay a lot less and get great music right here and help support Searcy County and the Killebrew Theatre – Ozark Heritage Arts Center at the same time.

For more information about the “Second Saturday” Live Music, or the Killebrew Theatre at the Ozark Heritage Arts Center contact the Searcy County Chamber of Commerce at 870-448-2557 or e-mail us.