Marshall Skeetbusters — New Season


Marshall High School “Skeetbusters” Get Ready for a New Season

The Marshall High School “Skeetbusters” Club is gearing up for a new season of clay breaking action.  Their first practice was held on Saturday, March 5th.  The crew was a bit rusty with the cold, windy conditions, but their shooting should improve after a few more practices.  There were about 27 shooters in attendance for the first practice, which is a large group.   There are over 30 members of the entire team, which has both a Junior and Senior High Division.    The first practice was held down behind the Marshall Elementary School, near the new sewer plant area.   This is a new location for the team this year, as last year most of the shooting was done at the recycling center, or at the Twin Lakes Gun Club in Mountain Home.  According to coach/sponsor Donald Patterson, there is a new facility under construction near Yellville, and the team plans to try it out with a practice very soon.

The Skeetbusters are members of the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Association, which is an organization under the control of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  Everyone is very safety conscious.  Our Northern Regional competition will be held in Lonoke on May 13 and 14, so the team has over 2 months of practicing before the competition.   The next official practice is scheduled for March 17, at 5 PM.   Everyone needs to help support this great group of kids and especially their coaches and sponsors, Donald Patterson, Tim Baysinger, and Mike Baker.


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