Plan for Life

For young people only to answer please. Are you ready for these expenses? How much money will you have to have to live the way you want to live? What is your plan to pay for your future lifestyle? Do you need help charting the way forward? Are you willing to work two jobs to get ahead? Are you willing to do night or weekend school?
Expense Sheet:
Grocery, Eating Out, Garden Supplies
Home Mortgage or Rent
Property Taxes
Renter’s or Homeowner’s Insurance
Home Furnishings & Appliances
Home Maintenance Expenses
Laundry Expenses
Business/Farm Expenses
Medical Insurance & Clinic Visits
Pharmacy Items
Dental Care
Eye Care
School Expenses
Auto Purchase
Auto Maintenance/Oil change/New Tires
Automobile Fuel
Auto Insurance
Personal Property Taxes
State & Federal Income Taxes
Internet Expense
Cell Phone Expense & Service
Streaming Service
Clothes & Shoes
Pet Food & Pet Medical Care
Church Contribution & Other Charity
Childcare/Parent Care
Hair Care
Toiletry & Hygiene Items
Lawn Care Expenses
License Renewals
Professional Organization Memberships
Entertainment & Vacation Expenses
Rainy Day Savings Account
Retirement Savings
Life Insurance
Gifts for Others
Miscellaneous items