Rock Climbing

Searcy County has two known Rock Climbing locations! Prohibition Wall, located on the east side of Richland Creek Road in Horseshoe Holler, aka Bearcat Holler, near the other rock climbing location at Stack Rock on the west side of Richland Creek Road! Prohibition is one of the steepest walls in Arkansas at a consistent 45-50 degree overhang with absolutely stellar routes in the 5.11-5.13 range. The rock climbing destinations are about 16 miles from Witts Springs, just off the Richland Creek Road. Always leave a trip plan with someone before embarking on back-country adventures. Rock Climbing in Prohibition Wall, North-Central Arkansas ( 

Stack Rock is a great Rock Climbing location along the Richland Creek Road! It's the Devil's Tower of Searcy County and offers 85 climbs! Parking off Richland Creek Road at the Stack Rock Special Interest Area. Stack Rock offers a multitude of high-quality routes in a very secluded and remote setting. The crag has some unique features and walls not typically seen elsewhere in Arkansas. One interesting feature is that the crag wraps all the around, creating a type of crown. This 360 crag offers shade or sun all day, and also has some steeper features that stay dry in light rain. Rock Climbing in Stack Rock, North-Central Arkansas (

It has been said that Arkansas "may be the Best place in the world for beginning rock climbers!"