Seaton Court Reporting

Seaton Court Reporting of Marshall! Valerie Seaton has almost 33 years of experience and owns the company that was established in 1928! Very experienced court-reporting professional! She also served as Co-President on the Washington State Court Reporter’s Association, went to D.C. to lobby for the court reporting profession, is a member of the Arkansas Court Reporters Association and holds a national certification through NCRA (National Court Reporters Association.) Seaton and other court reporters who worked for her have handled cases that have resulted in many multi-million-dollar verdicts and/or settlements! One was a $50 million verdict in a medical negligence case, making it the largest medical malpractice verdict in Washington state’s history! Handled all the depositions in the Oso Landslide case where many lives and homes below a mountain slope were lost due to the over-removal of trees. The most recent one was $150 million verdict in a deadly crane disaster in which all attorneys in the case used their court reporting and legal videography services. Nationally and internationally traveled! One of her clients paid for her to do a week of depositions in Taiwan! Another client took her to New York and Chicago to do depositions on one of his cases. One of the few remaining large court reporting firms who have not sold out to the large national firms. Seaton's business operates under the d/b/a of Moburg Reporting in the state of Washington. It was established in 1928 and she was hired as a court reporter right out of court reporting school in 1991. In 2008 Seaton had the opportunity to purchase the company, and in 2021 she moved to Marshall to be with her husband Chuck with plans to retire. Instead, she saw the need to help the ladies in the D. O. H. T.s program in Marshall and give some of them an opportunity for training in court reporting, transcription, and legal videography. Valorie is a registered Cherokee with the Cherokee Nation in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In 1992, her native heritage opened up a door for her to be a court reporter on one episode of a television show called Northern Exposure! She has family in Harrison, Arkansas on her father's side. So although she was not born here, she feels she belongs. She loves the small town of Marshall! Her office is at 200 West Nome Street, Marshall. Phone 253-468-4402. Email

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